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Celebrating Alecia’s 5 years with Madeleen Health and Beauty Studio

By : Madeleen

We are so blessed to celebrate the past 5 years with Alecia Geraldes. We have  been together through highs and lows, thick and thin, breakups and weddings but we are stronger than ever before!

Enjoy getting to know the Alecia even better…


How have you grown in the past 5 years?
Being in a  career environment where we all continuously want to achieve more. The foundation of my growth was being content and taking responsibility. That improved my self-confidence, my love for change and my desire to add value. The last 5 years has made me feel successful as a person and as a colleague.

What has been your favourite part of working at Madeleen Health & Beauty Studio?
The people that was placed on my journey as they all helped me to grow.


Why do you have a passion for the business? Or is it just a job for you?
Being in the business is definitely my passion.

Would you recommend this industry to youngsters? Why or why not?
Yes I would most definitely , if you truly love working with people and really want to see change in the lives of others our industry would be the best place to start.

Can you tell us about an embarrassing moment with a client?
I was working on the ships and we all had a very long night. I had to give a client a scalp massage and fell asleep. My forehead hitting his head woke us both up.

YEAR 3 + Madeleen Effortless Beauty receives a Professional beauty Award (2016)

Do you still go for training? Why?
Yes I do. To always be aware of what is currently happening in the industry and to be educated. In return I can educate others to the best of my ability.

Why do clients have to maintain with treatments and products?
Not only for the results that their products can add to there daily routine and there results but also for them to feel that they invest in themselves.

If you could pick your favourite client over five years and why would they be no 1?
No names 🙂
She became like my second mother and she is always there with motivation and a good laugh, looking at her life she always makes me feel like wanting to be a better person and she always reminds me doing good to others makes us grow.


Why do you do what you do? Or why did you choose this industry?
I do what I do for the love of people , smiling while I am answering this, just thinking about all the amazing people I came across, all the laughs ,the tears and the amazing life lessons, I always knew that I want to add value to the people around me and what better way to do so.


What books and magazine have you read or interest you?
I love reading motivational books, books that stimulates my thinking. The book I am busy with now is Limitless by David Youngren

How do you keep yourself so motivated and bubbly?
I always make time for the people in my life that makes me feel good about myself on a daily basis, I always remember to count my Blessings!

How do you invest in yourself for improvement?
To attend seminars and conferences and to listen to life changing motivational podcasts.

What do you believe is your purpose in life?
To add value to peoples lives ,by being part of there growth and there love for others

What are the values that you base your decisions on?
My spiritual values: Praying, Faith, Truthfulness

What is one of the top achievements in your life so far?
Being part of the salon that won the best salon award

One of Alecia’s inspiring quotes

Which treatments do you enjoy the most?
Waxing, Facials, Pedicures, Massage

Which treatment do you enjoy the least?
Normal paint Manicures

What are your greatest strengths as a therapist?
Communication, Responsibilities, Relationship Building, Going the extra mile

Tell me about your worst experience as a Therapist?
When I covered for a colleague, and the truth surfaced

Tell me about your best experience as a Therapist?
Being around so many different people everyday

Give me your view on excellent customer care? What has made the biggest impact on your clients in the past 5 years.
Positive energy with a smile, not a day went by in the past five years that I did not have a story to tell about how a client that made me laugh.

What is one of your biggest dreams?
To be happily married ,and be the best possible wife 🙂

Who is your mentor and why?
Madeleen. She really have a big impact on my spiritual growth and accountability.
If they beat around the bush, and not be straight about how they feeling.

Do you set goals for yourself? What is your next goal?
Yes I do , I believe setting goals for yourself keeps you motivated and helps you to always keep the end in mind.

My one year career goal is
To own Madeleen Health and Beauty Studio

What would you want to achieve in the next 5 years?
Career – To own Madeleen Health and Beauty Studio

How do you handle a conflict situation with a client?
I always make sure that they know I acknowledge there concern, and give them the solution rather then focusing on the problem.

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