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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I have a trial?

To ensure your big day flows easily, and to make any changes, trials are a great way to see how beautiful you will look in advance. These can take place one month to 2 weeks prior. Usually only the bride decides to have a trial but sometimes the mother of the bride and the bridesmaids also request a trial. The trial cost is the same as the charge on the day.Look at pictures of make-up and hair styles that appeal to you and send it to [email protected]

It will give me a good idea of what your style is and preparations can be done accordingly. I like my brides to arrive at the trial with their veil, and/or hair accessories so that we can ensure that everything is perfect. No last minute surprises are needed as it just causes complications on both sides.

The trial gives both you as the bride, and me as the artist the opportunity to get to know each other and this creates a calm atmosphere on the wedding day; so yes, I suggest having a trial is a good idea”!

What must I do before my trial?

Make sure your trial is booked between 9:00-16:00 in the day as I need the best light possible. When you book your trial, I suggest to have it on the same day as a dress-fitting. Then you can put the desired look together and get even more excited for your special day.

Have your hair clean and washed the night before. Rather use a professional shampoo from a salon. Some cosmetic shampoos coat the hair with silicone and curls won’t stay as long. Section your hair whilst dry and put the shampoo on dry scalp to ensure all the roots are shampooed. Do not put an elastic band in your hair before you arrive for your trial. The best is to just wet your hair in the morning and blow dry as per normal with your hair hanging forward. If you will be using any hairpieces/flowers in your style, then this is always ascertained at the trial appointment.

Exfoliate your skin the night before with a good enzyme exfoliator.

Please make sure you book a brow shape before your trial, as makeup does not take on a waxed area straight afterwards. Most people go quite red when their brows get shaped and that will influence the look of the makeup.

To bring with:

  • Your checklist of what you DO NOT want.
  • Have in mind what your fiancé likes and dislike.
  • 3 hours of your time.
  • A charged phone to take pictures.
  • If you only feel comfortable with one lip colour, make sure this is in your handbag.
  • Your veil, if possible.
  • A clean face. If you can, please arrive at the studio without any makeup; not even mascara or eyeliner.

Look at pictures of makeup and hair styles that appeals to you and send it to [email protected]. I will then have a good idea of what you want and can do preparations accordingly. Send me a mood-board of your wedding and your dress, so we can do the style of your hair and makeup accordingly.

With 20 years of experience I normally suggest that you do not bring too many people along to the trial. Too many opinions with if you no specific idea in mind, everyone gives their likes and dislikes and you end up being confused and emotional. I will assist to get the perfect style for you!

Looking forward to spend this exciting time with you!

Where will the trial be?

Trials are done at my studio, Sprig Wellness centre, in Somerset West.

How do I make a booking?

A booking form must be completed, an estimate will be sent according to the services required. If the estimate has been approved, an invoice will be sent and then a deposit of 50% is charged to secure your day. The deposit can be done electronically and confirmed by proof of payment. Please note, deposits are seen as a booking fee and is non-refundable.

Does my enquiry count as a booking?

Unfortunately not, I work on a first-deposit-paid-system.

How much do you charge to travel?

R7/km from Somerset West.

On the wedding day, what happens re timing?

Timing for the wedding day is arranged at the trial and then on email. Who is having what and when, with the option for change of course where possible, but it is essential that no changes happen on the day for obvious reasons.

The make up takes a minimum of thirty minutes per person for the bridal party. Hair can take about fifty to sixty minutes per person depending on the style chosen.I need two hours for the bride’s hair and makeup.

I like to have the bride finished third out of a four bridal party wedding so she can dress and prepare. The bridesmaid chosen to help her getting dress should be done first or second to be in most of the photos.

To ensure you get to your ceremony venue in a calm state, hair and makeup should be done at least 60min prior the start of your wedding, so that there is enough time to breath, dress, take portraits and go to the bathroom. Some dresses need more time.

The wedding days that I have been involved in have always been calm and happy – because they are well planned.

How far in advance must I book?

I recommend brides book 9-12 months in advance, especially between September-May. The day is then confirmed and you can relax.

The trial can be booked 1 month to two weeks before the time.

What happens if I booked for a trial and cancel the trial?

If cancelled within 24 hours of the trial appointment then the full trial fee is payable as it is a 3 hours appointment that can not be filled.

What my clients have to say...

I made use of Madeleen Skin/ Makeup/Hair for my wedding in March. Her welcoming, loving, kind and gentle nature immediately made me felt at ease during our trial meeting. She listened to my ideas, gave her own, tried and re-tried until we were both happy with the results. Time was of no factor to her, my happiness was. The morning of my wedding, she brought a calmness together with her suitcase filled with Makeup that made an unmissable difference to our morning. She blessed our day with a prayer and then the magic started. She treated each of my bridesmaids as if they were her only client, listened to their request and delivered. Her talent speaks for itself when looking at our wedding photos. She constantly checked in with me as the Bride to make sure I was doing okay. I was in awe of my Makeup and hair on my special day and can't thank her enough for making me feel like the most beautiful bride! I would recommend her to anyone within a heartbeat. All I can say to her, is thank you!

Erika Oosthuizen

Madeleen lewer uitstekende diens! Haar make-up wat sy doen is perfek en laat mens nog 10 keer mooier lyk en voel as wat jy reeds doen. Sy het ‘n vriendelike persoonlikheid en laat jou gerus voel.

Marianke Le roux

Absolutely amazing service. Madeleen is a wonderful person with a talent in make up and hair. Would highly recommend her services.

Esja Oosthuizen

Delivered what we requested. Makeup and hair done for farewell.
Best makeup artist we have used so far.
Excellent customer service 👏
Well done. Keep up the good work

Colleen Meyer

Madeleen's make-up workshop was very professional, informative and practical. It was a lovely day with the girls and it felt like both our bodies and souls were nourished at the same time . Highly recommendable!
Makeup classes

Christine Coetzee

I attended Madeleen's virtual Makeup class and I was mesmerised by her expertise! She was able to deliver a virtual class of what used to be a physical class beautifully, very smooth and no technical issues. I took away a lot of tips that is extremely valuable and I can apply immediately to my own make up. I learned how to keep my skin moisturised when applying make up, the proper way to apply mascara, a great technique to apply eyeshadow and so much more! I highly recommend Madeleen, she is a 5-star teacher and make up artist!
Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism, Value

April Tolentino

Madeleen was an absolute star!
I found her via a recommendation and reached out. She got back to me with all information and availability very quickly.
Being abroad and having to arrange everything via email and phone calls was not easy, but Madeleen was very helpful and accommodating.
When we finally met on the wedding day, she was the most pleasant and friendly person! She bent over backwards to keep all the girls happy and entertained while making their hair super beautiful - 7 girls and 2 guys in 6 hours in a hotel room - amazing!!!!
Thank you so much Madeleen!
Punctuality, Quality, Professionalism, Value

Rian Potgieter

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