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What my clients have to say...

During this treatment I have the ability to switch off in a very peaceful and serene environment to enjoy my me time. My results are soft and light skin with a glowing youthful appearance. My friends ask me if I have had any ‘work’ done on my face and I reply yes, I treat myself to a Facial/Skin Needling every month. All the ‘work’ is the magic of the Pen and Alecia.

Madi Fabricius

The treatment where relaxing and my back and neck muscles are not as stiff as it used to be. My back muscles are not as tense as they used to be and they do not cramp when I am doing training. The treatment was professionally done.

Francois Joubert

Having Vitiligo, the products do not burn my skin and slowing the vitiligo processes around my eyes. My skin used to be dry on certain areas and oily on others, that made applying Makeup really difficult. From the first week I could see the results changing, no longer having a combination skin rather a smooth even softer texture skin. I have been using it for 1.5 years now. The results are so amazing.

Rozanne Fabricious

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