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After new mothers, no one carries more stress and has less time to take care of herself than a bride who’s busy planning  her wedding. You’re worried more about the dress, the flowers and why your future husband wants to wear a red and blue tie instead of a black one.

So what about your skin? Did you know that your wedding makeup will not look as good or last very long if your skin is unhealthy? Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind and try before your big day to ensure a healthy glowing skin :

First, breathe. Stress is one of the MANY causes of aging and breakouts. Take some time to meditate, do yoga or simply get some fresh air throughout the planning. Exercise releases endorphins which are feel good hormones (we all need those), being active also pumps blood through your body, carrying nutrients to your skin surface (which is why you’re face is red after a jog). Other things that will play a role in your skin is your daily water intake, stay hydrated!

Then (if you don’t have one already) find yourself a good skin care therapist. Someone who can walk a path with you and your skin up until the big day. Listen to her guidance and suggestions, go for facials, get your chemical peels, buy the products she suggests and trust her input. She’s guided many brides to perfection.

For those who cannot afford an expensive skin care plan for months, some very helpful and amazing home remedies can make you glow as well. Mix some honey and brown sugar for a facial scrub, (exfoliate the night before your wedding to get rid of any dead skin left on the surface), mix some mashed banana and olive oil weekly to assist with dry skin (moisture is anti aging) and aloe vera gel, coconut oil and honey will help your skin glow. Find some honey and coconut oil and do facial massages twice a week. This increases blood flow in the skin which is crucial to get that glow! Apply purifying masks if you need help with breakouts, apply soothing masks if you struggle with redness and put together some lemon juice, honey and yogurt for a rejuvenating, glowing skin mask. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

Do these home remedies once a week leading up to the wedding and you’ll see a difference.

Make sure your makeup is suitable for your skin type. If you are oily, find a matte foundation, if you have dry skin, get yourself a  moisture rich foundation. This will ensure your face is correctly done up and your makeup will last longer according to what your skin needs most.

Some other beauty and skin tips before the big day:

Do NOT go for your first facial in the week of your wedding.

Do NOT get your first spray tan in the week of your wedding.

Do NOT book your wax or laser appointment after your spray tan.

Do NOT book your brow/lip wax on the same day as your facial peel.

Do NOT go for a facial peel one or two days before your wedding, get one a week before and lightly exfoliate the evening before.

Do NOT book your botox/fillers treatment before your facial.

Do NOT stay out in the sun that week, in case you get sunburn. Always use SPF!

Remember, your skin is your most important organ. It is very patient but it does not forget. These are not only wedding tips but lifelong tricks to help you keep your skin happy. In 20-30 years your skin will repay you for how you treated it.

Happy skin, pretty skin.

Written by: Bianca Meyer